It is possible to do research in practically any area, from biomass combustion to policy-making..

Omar Terron Colin, student

“I studied the bachelor Mechatronics Engineering in Mexico City. After finishing my studies I started working at Chrysler LLC about one year and a half before coming to Eindhoven. During my work I realized about the importance of the energy industry for the whole world."

"The automotive industry was in a deep crisis driven in part by the energy challenge of replacing current fossil fuels for cleaner, more efficient and sustainable energy sources. So I decided it was time to study something in which I could help the world to achieve that transition. I started looking for universities with a program that could give me an insight into the world of energy. A friend told me about the Eindhoven University of Technology, so I checked its program on the website and found what I was looking for: a well developed program including different aspects of sustainable energy:  sources, technologies, economy, policies, etc.”

State of the art research
“What I like about my master's program is that it is broad enough to let you see the whole perspective about the energy industry. It is possible to do research in practically any area, from biomass combustion to policy-making, and the best thing is that no matter which direction you take, you can always be sure that you are doing state-of-the-art research.”

Great opportunities
“For all those international students that are looking for a good university in Europe, I can tell them not to hesitate in sending their papers to this university. I’m sure that here they will find a place in which they will feel comfortable, the social life is unexpectedly nice, the education level is high and the opportunities that they will find here are immense.”