Elective courses

Elective courses give you the chance to deepen or broaden your knowledge. You choose, in consultation with your supervisor, your specialization courses from a list of more than 30 courses. This list provides ample opportunities for specialization.

Additionally, you can choose 15 EC of free electives within the total range of master courses at the TU/e, but you may also courses of TU Delft or UTwente in your program.

Within the electives you may choose 5 EC of homologation courses within the first quartile to brush up any gaps in your knowledge.

Specialization Themes

To illustrate the range of specialization courses, they are classified into five themes.

  • Fundamentals
  • Mechatronics & Robotics
  • Control for Automotive
  • Process & Energy
  • Cyber-Physical

Students can choose courses from all themes, but their study program has to be approved by their graduation supervisor. This supervisor is one of the professors of the Systems & Control research groups. These research groups are active in all of the specialization themes.

S&C Supervision
Research GroupDepartment
Control SystemsElectrical Engineering
Control Systems TechnologyMechanical Engineering
Dynamics & ControlMechanical Engineering
Electromechanics and Power ElectronicsElectrical Engineering