The master's program Systems and Control is tough, but the knowledge you gain is worth the effort.

BSc. Ernesto Romero Sahagún, student

"Eindhoven University of Technology is a challenge, especially for the Master's program in Systems and Control. The master's program is tough, but the knowledge you gain is worth the effort."

"Why Eindhoven? There is significant research being done in the area. Did you know we are leaders in high precision motion control, with nanometer accuracy? Are you aware of the large impact that this has in the semiconductor industry? Ask ASML. The region of Eindhoven is rich in industry and it keeps in constant development.

The Dutch are very ambitious people, they always know what they want, they always find a way to get there and they are willing to teach you what they have learned. Very direct people, but very friendly too.

The city of Eindhoven is vibrant, has an international environment and a lot of students; there is always something nice to do. Living in the Netherlands is an adventure: you will learn a lot from your studies, you will live unique experiences in a very interesting country, meet great people from all around the world and travel everywhere with just one bike."