A Logistics Quick Scan

A fresh view on your business processes

Do you feel that in your company:

  • logistic performance must be improved;
  • logistic costs can be reduced;
  • processes have to be streamlined?

A Quick Scan can give you a decisive answer about these aspects.

What is a logistics Quick Scan (QS)?

It's a quick analysis of the logistic processes in your company. A characteristic feature is that the QS is complete in itself. Within two months time we can point out implementable logistic improvements.

The method only asks a minor investment from your company in both time and money. The QS will be executed by a team of eight young, enthusiastic university graduates. They collect data in your company during three days by interviewing key persons in your organization.

Each QS is supervised by an experienced business consultant.

The Quick Scan method has been developed under the expert guidance of Professor Will Bertrand. It has been applied in many companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

Stork Contiweb, Boxmeer:
''... The power of the Scan is in the analysis. ... The set-up is very thorough. ... Essential items we should pay attention to.'

Phases of the Quick Scan

1. Intake
A discussion resulting in a provisional problem statement. This will be the starting point for the Quick Scan.

2. Orientation
We carry out a preliminary investigation to get a clear understanding of the problem area. Part of this is an orientation day so that the Quick Scan team and your company get acquainted. At the same time the provisional problem statement will be highlighted and a definite plan of action will be agreed on.

Philips, Almelo:
'You will obtain an objective picture of your company, new directions are shown.

... Refreshing, thorough. ... A working group has started to implement the recommendations.'

3.  Interviews

Within a period of two days time the Quick Scan team will interview a number of key staff members of your company in order to gather information regarding the area of investigation.

4.  Analysis

After the interviews, the Quick Scan team will be split into two groups. Each group will perform an analysis in a structured way, thereby using the logistical concepts and skills that were learned during the courses. Moreover, they can use all the existing knowledge from the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Each group will write a report describing the results of their analysis and their conclusions and recommendations. A committee of experienced university staff will select the winning team.

5.  Presentation

About eight weeks after the start of the Quick Scan the winning team will present its findings to your company and you will receive both reports.

Cavo Lutaco, Utrecht

'The Quick Scan has greatly improved the transparency of our organization.

The trainee designers have a lot of knowledge. We used the Quick Scan as a starting point for our automation project.'

After the Quick Scan

The Quick Scan offers you:

  • a description of the existing logistics organization with emphasis on the problem areas and the desirable improvements;
  • a cause-effect analysis, indicating root causes for the problems and logistical areas to pay special attention to;
  • suggestions for improvements in the logistics concept;
  • recommendations for implementation of these suggestions.

Most of the time this will enable you to improve your logistical processes on your own account. We can, however, support you by carrying out a Logistics Design Project. This implies that a trainee designer will be working in your company for 8-10 months (1400 working hours). He or she will work out the proposed improvements and set up an implementation plan.


Confidentiality and exclusivity will be laid down in an agreement and will be guaranteed by the University.

More information?

If you are interested in our logistics Quick Scan please contact:

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Director Designer program in Industrial Engineering 
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The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 40 247 5017
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Mrs. J.M.C. van Dijk-Kok
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In an exploratory conversation we can give you more specific information.