I chose this program because I wanted to be absorbed to the Dutch industry, and I found this program the best option as a bridge from the academic world to industrial world.

Hoda Rokh, alumnus

Hoda Rokh was a Trainee from Iran, where she gained her Master’s diploma in Industrial Engineering

The practical setting of the program was interesting to me. It is a good combination of research and doing something in practice. What I like about the setting of the program is the one year of courses followed by one year of the final project. In addition I learned a lot from the professional development sessions and the group presentations, the so-called design seminars. In this program we are treated as employees, not as students, which gives a quite different perspective.

During my final project I designed a tool for the Valeant Amsterdam Logistics Center ((VALC) to make the process of storage allocation automated, clear, and structured in order to provide insights about operational costs. This tool models the working processes in the warehouse and considers the determining characteristics of the products like demand volume, demand frequency, and size to differentiate the products in an accurate way. Also the characteristics of the different systems in the warehouse like picking capacity, available number of locations, and degree of automation are taken into account to come up with the configuration of the products in the warehouse with the minimum operational costs while the service level is maintained. The PDENG program Industrial Engineering helped me to develop my logistics knowledge and get me familiar with the Dutch professional culture which I will need in the future. I also made some good friends during these two years and the program gave me the opportunity to work in the industry while supported by TU/e.”