Mission and Vision

"During one year in my project I learned more than in the six years of my previous study", Maaike de Jong, PDEng trainee, DTI

In industry, there is an ever-increasing demand for people who have expanded their capabilities to include product and process design. The core of the DTI programme is the design of high-tech systems in industrial labs and factories. Emphasis is both on successful project management, as well as technological design.

Through the project management and personal skills you learn to solve the right problem: proper communication with your principal and other stake holders, planning, risk management etc. are key aspects.

Through the design, modelling and statistical skills you learn to solve the problem in the right way. Technological knowledge in relevant fields is also a part of the curriculum

Fast track to a higher level

During the 2-year DTI programme you are exposed to technologies, and will be actively involved in applying these, on a level that would never be possible if you had a regular job in industry immediately after your Master’s. To gain the same experience would take, if possible at all, many more years in industry. 

The DTI programme is unique: dedicated courses, industrial assignments, management team members with active contacts in industry. As a Trainee Technological Designer you will receive a salary of €1700 gross per month. After successfully completing our programme, you will be granted a ‘Professional Doctorate in Engineering’, the PDEng degree.