Projects in industry

The Design Project takes one year. It is fully performed inside a company. The project should be well embedded in the company, and the result should have a clear value for the company. All intellectual property generated during the project is owned by the company. The DTI and other university staff coach the trainee to ensure a sharp execution of the project. Very often the trainees get job offers from the companies at which they do their project.

A recent list of projects on which DTI trainees work:

  • Pick and place in unstable environment
  • Early diagnosis of sepsis using exhaled biomarkers
  • High Resolution Spectroscopy to predict lifetime of high efficiency discharge lamps
  • Advanced Ultrasound diagnostic
  • Contactless neonatal monitoring
  • Atomic layer deposition of noble metals and their oxides for gas sensors
  • Design of VHDL code for telemetry of Reaction Wheels
  • Base Module Crash Behavior
  • Diabetes Training Module
  • In well diagnostics
  • Density Meter for Dredgers
  • Fast high voltage switching
  • Transparent barriers on scintillators