Optimizing parts availability in the ASML supply chain

Planning and controlling the supply chain of lithography systems at ASML is very challenging. The current planning system at ASML is based on Material Requirements Planning (MRP-1) in combination with a Master Production Schedule (MPS).
ASML experienced serious limitations in this planning system with respect to the visibility of the supply chain possibilities to increase availability of parts, to show possible future outputs and to control the system options available to the market.

In the Industrial Engineering design project, a planning tool, called SPOT (Scenario Planning and Optimization Tool), was developed that enables ASML to balance the expected demand and supply chain possibilities of lithography systems. The tool makes it possible to determine (1) what the output will be given the current state of materials and capacities in the supply chain, and (2) what additional materials have to be released to bring the future output in balance with expected demand, given the available capacity.

The tool is thus able to optimize the planning from a supply point of view.
Moreover, the tool can be used to create in a controlled way mix flexibility regarding the variants and options of the systems.