Industrial Engineering Design for the future logistics innovation officer!

In the program you will focus on strengthening both your technical and non-technical competencies related to efficient and effective design and implementation of advanced logistics systems. The program’s context is smart logistics and the related societal challenges.

In particular, there is a focus on multidisciplinary design and a project-based result-oriented approach is used. This is reflected in the set-up of the program, and in the selection of trainees in cooperation with the companies where design projects are carried out.

Fast track to a higher level

As a trainee of the Industrial Engineering program you will be actively involved in applying logistics tools and techniques to a much greater extent that would be possible in industry alone. You will address logistics problems from perspectives such as human-performance management, organization and organizational change, ICT, and logistics methods and techniques. It would take many more years to gain the same experience in industry, if possible at all.

The Industrial Engineering program is unique: dedicated courses, industrial assignments and design mentors who are actively involved in design projects in leading companies. As a technological designer trainee you will receive a salary.
After successfully completing our program, you will be granted the degree of ‘Professional Doctorate in Engineering’ (PDEng).