A flying start

MSc PDEng Si Zeng, alumnus

Si Zeng MSc PDeng, Researcher, Expert Capability Group - Process Technology, AkzoNobel Alumna Process and Product Design

Following the technological design programme Process and Product Design truly gave Si Zeng’s career, Process Engineer at Akzo Nobel, a flying start. "The final project that I performed at AkzoNobel was part of an innovative research project. For my project I was asked to explore different routes in order to determine the best method to produce a new and greener product for the organization", Zeng starts enthusiastically.

"Not only did I gain the most valuable, practical design experience during those two years. Also halfway the completion of my end project I already received a job offer from AkzoNobel! The organization already knew my capabilities and personality”. And that was not all, because recently Zeng won the TU/e Academic Award 2013 for best design project with her end project at AkzoNobel.

"I was very content when I got my end project assigned at AkzoNobel! From the start it was clear to me that this was a premium project, on which future developments and important corporate decisions depended on. The project was well-structured, with enough challenges that could be tapped upon”, Zeng says.

Although she is now working on new projects as well, Zeng does not lose her first design project out of sight and she will be further developing the concept for the coming years at AkzoNobel. Eventually the project should result in a new plant in 2020 for the new product of AkzoNobel.

'The program Process and Product Design has brought me a lot; new skills, working experience, a job and the TU/e Academic Award for best design project in 2013," Zeng concludes satisfied, looking back on her training.