Call for proposals

A clear value proposition

Within this partnership, TU/e cooperates with partners in industry willing to actively participate in this two-year program. The industrial partner defines design projects according to its own current needs and hosts the trainee for the ten-month period. All information regarding the agreements, involvement of the industrial partner within the design project, intellectual property right and confidentiality issues are part of the TU/e standard TOIO agreement, between TU/e and the industrial partner.

The process in brief

Year 1: A suitable highly qualified candidate is selected for your company. The candidate will finish his/her Master, already working with you company.

Year 2: The candidate will work on a dedicated project at your company. The initial project definition should be final 2 months prior to the start of the project.


The program delivers the following benefits for your organization:

  • On-site execution of a real-life design project by the trainee;
  • The intellectual property rights resulting from the design will lie with the industrial partner;
  • Visibility and access to potential employees (all LMS trainees);
  • ‘Trial’ period of ten months enabling the partner to assess the match potential with the trainee;
  • Opportunity to hire excellent candidates, educated to Dutch standards, also for the industrial partner’s international sites.

Intellectual property

Clear agreement about the intellectual property ownership is important. TU/e agrees to transfer all intellectual property rights to the industrial partners according to the mutual agreement signed prior to the start of the design project.

Publication rights

When performing projects for industry, the university still needs to fulfill its publication duties. However, where this may conflict with your company interests, due to potential confidentiality issues, we will draw up custom-made agreements with you that always benefit your company.


Contact the Industrial Engineering program management team for more detailed information regarding this program and your partnership with TU/e.