First year

In the first year as a trainee, you will follow courses and design assignments. These assignments are based on real questions from industry and supervised by te professors of het IE & IS department. These assignments give you insights into the challenges of several industrial firms that benefit from a high-level, scientific but also practical solution to there problem. To gain the same experience in a job would take many more years. The professional development courses and soft skills training in the first year are important parts tof the program and highly appreciated by the trainees.

The program consists of 5 modules:

  • Core Courses
  • Design Assignments
  • Quick Scan
  • Special Assignments
  • Design Project (second year)

Second year

You will spend the second year in industry working on a challenging and innovative technological design project, a real rpblem that needs to be solved. In this project, you will integrate knowledge from a number of disciplines. You are supervised by a mentor from industry as well as your university design mentor. Each trainee is also supported by a coach, who has an extensive career and excellent track record in the high-end technology industry.