Kempenhaeghe, Heeze

Design of an algorithm to detect tonic seizures with EMG based features

Design and implementation of a TMS-EEG data acquisition system

UMCU, Utrecht

Ontwerp van strategie m.b.t. ondersteuning OK complex door cluster Medische Technologie en Klinische Fysica


UMCU, Utrecht

The cf-LVAD patient simulator


Philips en MMC, Veldhoven

Embedded neonatal respiration monitoring

MUMC+, Maastricht

Shifting paradigm in medicine: from empirical towards predictive


MUMC+, Veldhoven

Vascular modeling: can it help surgery?


Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

It takes two: Combining coronary CT and IVUS

MMC, Veldhoven

A flight simulator for gynaecologists

MUMC+, Maastricht

Towards a validated clinical tool for cerebral blood flow regulation assessment


Catharinaziekenhuis, Eindhoven

Absolute coronary flow assessment with sensor-tipped guide-wires by continuous infusion thermo-dilution

Philips en MMC, Veldhoven

Angiography-based physiological parameters to determine the severity of a coronary stenosis

MMC, Eindhoven

Improving diabetes care:  the development of a diabetes simulator

MMC, Veldhoven

Detectie van stuipen bij neonaten

Report: "Cerebral Function Monitor: from A to Z"