Jeroen Veelenturf

ErasmusMC, Rotterdam

Ontwerp toekomstvisie integratie medische apparatuur

Barbara Vermeulen

MMC, Veldhoven

Het ontwerp van een obstetrisch telemonitoringssysteem

Ellen Nijssen

Catharina, Eindhoven

Towards predicting FFR real-time

Martine Bol

MUMC, Maastricht

Towards predicting cardiac function during veno-arterial extracorporeal life support

Stefan Heijnen

st Antonius, Nieuwegein

Rational and design of an in-vivo validation study for determining the severity of illiac artery osbstructions; the DETECT-PAD study


Debby Klooster

Kempenhaeghe, Heeze

Design of an algorithm to detect tonic seizures with EMG based features

Design and implementation of a TMS-EEG data acquisition system

Stefan Been

UMCU, Utrecht

Ontwerp van strategie m.b.t. ondersteuning OK complex door cluster Medische Technologie en Klinische Fysica


Renske Hoeben

Development of a respiratory sensor system for the neonatal unit

Alina van der Giessen

3D geometry reconstruction of human coronary arteries by combining multi-slice computed tomography and intravascular ultrasound datasets

Maarten Merkx

Pre-operative decision support for vascular access creation

Jerson Martina

Mathematical simulation of a continuous flow LVAD patient


Wouter Huberts

The feasibility of a 1D-wave propagation model for predicting the clinical outcome of AVF creation as angioaccess for hemodialysis

Beatrijs van de Hout

Implementation of an obstretic scenario in a feta-maternal circulation model

Esther Martens

Modelling the control mechanism that regulates the blood supply to the brain


Marcel van ‘t Veer

Absolute coronary flow assessment with sensor-tipped guide-wires by continuous infusion thermo-dilution

Rianne Pas

Investigation of physiological parameters to determine the severity of a stenosis

Ilham Saadane

A multidisciplinary educational diabetes simulator