TU/e Academic Awards and ST Award

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) promotes excellent and innovative research and technological design throughout its full academic spectrum. To acknowledge this publicly, every year TU/e awards tribute to their best M.Sc. candidates, PDEng candidates, and PhD candidates of the previous academic year.

For each of these categories, candidates can be nominated and eventually an independent jury determines which of the nominated theses is considered to be the best. During the annual Academic Awards Ceremonies, all nominees are acknowledged by the university's Executive Board and the best receives a prize.

PDEng candidates of Eindhoven University of Technology can compete for the TU/e Design Award (D), consisting of a certificate and an amount of € 5.000,-. Each of the twenty PDEng degree programs is allowed to nominate one report/project. The ST program automatically nominates the Software Technology Award winner. The ST Award consists of a certificate and an amount of € 500,-. 

Since a number of years, our ST Award winners are determined by a jury of members of our External Advisory Board who will select the best report out of a collection of projects that at the end have been assessed as excellent or that have been recommended especially by their TU/e supervisors. 

ST Award Winner 2014

The management of the Software Technology program is happy to announce that Kostadinka Ljocheva has been awarded the ST Award 2014, and will be nominated for the TU/e Design Award 2014. Kostadinka won with her report 'Data Integration Framework for Interventional X-Ray' (summary). She conducted her project at Philips Healthcare.

According to the jury "Kostadinka wrote a balanced and well readable report, in which she in a clear and structured manner describes the problem analysis, requirements, decisions, system design, and validation. The report therefore offers the reader a clear picture of the investigations and pragmatic choices." 

The winner of the TU/e Design Award is announced in July 2014.

Previous ST Award winners (and their final ranks for the TU/e Design Award)

YearRankPDEng Trainees Software Technology



Jonathan Ward, “Connecting ALMOST to the world around it”, TNO (D)
2012 Nomination

Lorraine Liang, "A Graphical Specification Tool for Decentralized Warehouse Control Systems", Vanderlande Industries i.c.w. Embedded Systems Institute (D)
2011 1st prize
Fred van Nijnatten, "Four-dimensional blood flow quantification and visualization", Philips Healthcare (D)
2010 Nominations

Oana Dragomir,"Augmented Reality to Train User Skills: Integration of a Standard Haptic Device", Virtual Proteins (D) -
Jorge Crespo Cedeño, "Making Lighting Control Systems aware of Human Locations", Philips Applied Technologies (P)
2009 Nominations Dorieke Schipper,"3D vision-based SLAM for robot navigation", Philips Applied Technologies (D)
Imran Sabir, "A sensor-enabled nomadic infant seat capable of building ad-hoc networks", Philips Applied Technologies (P) -
2008 Nominations Athanasios Chliopanos, "Video HW prototyping using COTS programmable hardware", NXP Semiconductors (D)
Charalampos Xanthopoulakis, "Integration into the national healthcare infrastructure", Philips Applied Technologies (P) -
2007 1st Martijn Verdonk, Philips Design [Poster]
Sociable Connected Home: Design and Implementation of an Experience Demonstrator
2006 2nd Tom Geelen, Philips Applied Technologies [Poster]
Overlaying Using Virtual Memory in a Real-Time System
2005 2nd Volodymyr Ilchenko, Philips Medical Systems [Poster]
Design and Implementation of a Structured Reporting System
2004 2nd Dmitri Jarnikov, Philips Research Laboratories [Poster]
Towards balancing network and terminal resources to improve video quality
2003 1st Markiyan Kychma, Philips Digital Systems Laboratories [Poster]
Commercial block detection on digital recording products (DVD and HDD)
2002Nomination Dragos Manolache and Marton Zelina, Philips TASS [Poster]
In-Home Network Simulation Framework II
2001Nomination Natalia Belousova, Philips TASS [Poster]
In-Home Network Simulation Framework
2000Nomination Milan van den Muyzenberg and Ronald van Nieuwburg, Philips Research Laboratories
CEMITri : design and implementation of a Windows CE set-top box
1999Nomination Bas Bergevoet, Philips Advanced Systems and Applications Laboratories
Smart-Bars : controlling professional DVD players through bar-codes

In 2006, 2007, and 2008 the Academic Awards Ceremonies have been recorded by CityTV and have been made publicly accessible in QuickTime format: 2006, 2007, and 2008.