Information for industry

As of January 2, 2018 your company can have the benefits of one of our highly qualified Software Technology designers for a period of 10 months. During this time the designer develops complex new products and processes and offers innovative solutions to your software design issues. Contact us for a personal meeting to discuss the possibilities for your company.

A smart investment
During their training program our technological designers from generation C2016 have spent their first 14 months following a dedicated curriculum, which involves courses, interactive workshops and group and practical assignments, in close cooperation with industrial partners. System architecture and design are at the core of this phase. In addition to topics with a technological content, the participants acquire professional skills such as project management, communications and conflict handling.

In the second year the designers carry out an in-company design assignment for 10 months. Their prior training puts them in an excellent position to take on this assignment in consultation with our clients. University experts act as supervisors, and together with the company supervisors provide state-of-the-art technology, advise on the structure and execution of the project, and monitor that the goals of the project are realized. Once the assignment has been completed, it is assessed by a committee of university and company experts. A positive assessment leads to the award of the degree Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng).

The Software Technology program has been around for more than 25 years and to date trained more than 400 technological designers. Many designers have joined the companies where they carried out their design assignments and many now fulfill a management position.

The majority of our graduates is member of the alumni association Xootic.