The first fourteen months of the programme students spend in the university, acquiring theoretical knowledge and practice in the field of user system interaction. During the remaining 9 months, they participate in projects at reputable companies.

The results of these projects are summarized in:

We would like to thank the following companies where we conducted several final projects during the last years. Below you will find some more examples from conducted projects:

Philips Research Nederland
Examples of final projects:

  • Designing Information Processing. Project executed by Matthijs Zwinderman
  • Stress@Work pilot. Project executed Rafal Kocielnik
  • EMO Pac-Man: Creating an Emotionally Adaptive Game. Project executed by Tim Tijs
  • Designing Peace of Mind. Project executed by Maria Júlia da Silva Benini
  • Games for Social Skills. Project executed by Koen Hendrix
  • Aurama: from awereness to connectedness supporting elderly and their children. executed by Pavan Dadlani
  • Intelligent Shop Window; Interaction styles and feedback mechanisms. Executed by Angelique Kessels
  • Astra project excecuted by Joy van Baren, MA, MTD
  • III-TV project excecuted by H.J.Choi, MSc, MTD Enhancing Social Presence by Connecting CE Devices excecuted by C.Huijnen, MA, MTD Evaluation of the Multi-point Audio/Video Streaming Application excecuted by J. van der Kooij, MA, MTD

Océ Technologies
Example final project: A novel interaction concept for search systems excecuted by A.Morskate, MSc, MTD

DaimlerChrysler Germany
Example final project: Speech based interaction with in-vehicle information excecuted by A. Philopoulos, MSc, MTD