SCX Solar and Wallvision - Performance assessment and development of a design support tool for innovative BIPV façade systems

This PDEng project was related to the development of two of types of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) façade systems: SoloWall and ZigZagSolar. SoloWall is a modular type of BIPV for integration in vertical facades, developed by SCX Solar. ZigZagSolar, developed by Wallvision, uses a series of slanted reflectors and solar modules to augment the PV yield of vertical BIPV while giving special attention to architectural integration.

The project aimed at supporting the development of two innovative BIPV façade systems by making the connection between research outcomes and technological design opportunities. The following three objectives were identified:

1. Further investigation of PV integrated solar façade systems and their potential to generate power, with the help of experimental validation and calibration of a simulation model.

2. Generate and suggest new ideas as an approach to whole system design for this type of BIPV façades.

3. Find business applications based on scientific data from simulation and experiment to provide better understanding of the whole project and a better value proposition to the owners and to future customers.

This project was completed by Mohammadhossein Ghasempourabadi, January 2017.