Technical reports 1990-1994


Argante, E., Real-Time Database Access on a Massively Parallel Platform
Derwig, R.J.C., Tools for real-time constraints: an off-line scheduler and a schedule viewer
Engbers, R.R. and Langenberg, J.C.F.M., A software environment for designing delay-insensitive circuits II
Gijsbers, R.J.L.C., Ontwerp en Implementatie van OODE de Object Oriented Design Editor
Glim, A., Algorithm animation
Hautus, E.H., A Human-Motion Analysis Systems, based on Multimedia Techniques
Hayes, K.R. and Meijer, J.S., A simulation environment for distributed real-time control systems
Hermans, H.P.A. and Reinds, R., Controlling LEP/SPS accelerator equipment
Hoogvorst, D.C. and Schats, P.R., Computer-supported telecommunications applications based on open switching: a feasibility study for the Philips SOPHO-iS 3000 series
Lukassen, R.J.P.B., FORTES/VESTA: automatic translation of formal specifications for conformance testing
Nieuwenhoven, M.S.E. van, FORTES: design and implementation of a test case generation tool
Riel, P.M.M.F. van and Waal, R.R.A.M. de, Automated timing analysis of real-time systems
Ruijs, F.L.N. and Verhoeven, M., Cleopatra: speeding towards usability
Schiefer, R., Visualization of parallel program execution: a case study
Toma, C.E., Retiming of multi-functional and multi-cycle processing units
Zoontjens, F.B.A., A re-usable software structure of an interface system between a printer language and an engine


Aarnink, G.H., Brouwer, T.J. and Suijs, E.A.L.F., Validating Open System Architectures (OSA) in industrial CIM environments
Bakker, C.P.W., Satisfaction of real-time constraints for SPRINT
Berk, F.M. van den, Deckers, R.T.C., and Vijver, Y.A.J.R. van de, Object oriented development of the control software for EUTERPE
Broek, E.M.M.A. van den and Peek, M.J.A., CLEOPATRA: Object-georiënteerde ontwikkeling van een tool voor de planning van mobiele tele-communicatienetwerken
Ceelen, C.C. and Pauws, S.C., MARS: Medical Applications for Recognition of Speech
Gompel, B.P.H.C. van, Lindwer, M.M., and Schot, H.A., Ontwikkelomgeving vertragingsongevoelige circuits
Timmermans, P.M.A., An automatic testing environment for SOPHO-S
Zoontjes, F., A Reusable software estructure of an Interface System between a Printer Language and an Engine


Atzema, B., Data acquisition for microbeam analysis
Jansen, A.R.H.W. and Lakeman, L.H.F.P., STRESS-II: an environment for the design and implementation of real-time (expert) systems
Korst, M.J. van der, VOICE: a silicon compiler for asynchronous circuits
Koster, J., Parallel solution of sparse systems of linear equations on a mesh network of transputers
Leijten, P.W.G., Design of representations for decision support in production planning
Marinissen, E.J., Testability and test plan generation in hierarchical macro testing
Zwiggelaar, F.G., The PU-LFS: a logistic flight simulator for production units


Diepstraten, M.J., Formal Specification of Embedded Systems
Kuunders, M.M.L., Velden, H.A.A.M. van der, and Vriezekolk, E., DRUID: a Rapid User Interface Design Tool. The Language and its Implementation
Leijten, P., Description of a Simulator for Logistics in Process Industry
Mulder, J.L. and Stoffels, S.H.C.M., Parallel Rendering of Coons' Patches
Smagt, S.T.A. van der, The Development of Real-Time Knowledge Based Systems with Stress


Bisseling, J.Th., Eemers, H.G.N., Kamps, M.C., and Peeters, A.M.G., Designing delay-insensitive circuits
Gorissen, L.M.P., Formal specification of embedded systems
Maren, H.A.A. van and Stappen, A.F. van der, Scheduling in crude oil refineries
Sluis, E. van der, Design and implementation of a real-time expert system shell