Technical reports 2005-2009


Afzal, M.Z., Visualization and Interaction Hardware for Tumor Board Support
Akkus, Z., Clinical decision support application
Batsuuri, T., Audio/video communication architecture for browser based IPTV
Chen, X., Design-Space Exploration Toolset
Crespo Cedeño, J.E., Making lighting control systems aware of human locations
Dragomir, O., Augmented reality to train user skills: integration of a standard haptic device
Elsackers, J.M., Design of a Wireless Home Platform with a small code footprint
Hakobyan, L., Warehouse Design Toolkit
Kalloe, V.A., Simulating a printing process for verifying control software
Kavuma, J.M., Holonic Highly Dynamic Storage
Méndez Morales, O. Faster and managed remote partial installation and distribution of complex system software for state-of-the-art medical imaging devices with a large set of product variations
Padmanabha Pillai, C., Model-Based Control Software Synthesis for Printer Paper Handling
Sluiters, E.C., Timeline visualization of patient information for tumor board presentation
Song, T., A new achitecture for a cardio-vascular medical image reconstruction application
Virginia. A.J., Context based Size Reduction of Digital Navigation Maps


Damen, S., A design of a communication infrastructure for multi-modal sensor networks for reactive environments
Contiu, M.A., Compliance Test Framework for XtraVision.
Cota, O., Model weaving for Staged Configuration of Product Lines.
Khmelinskaya, E., Social interactive television, interfacing with 3rd party services
Kovacioglu, M., Accessing web services: "a new experience"
Moneva, H., A Holonic approach to decentralized warehouse control
Pillai, S., The cancer care companion, a breast cancer multi-disciplinary team meeting management system
Popa, M.C., Bookmarked cardiac reporting, role-based views supporting clinical cardiac workflow
Sabir, I., A sensor-enabled nomadic infant seat: a framework for sensor-enabled nomadic device capable of building wireless ad-hoc networks
Schindler, E., MoBasE: A Multidisciplinary Model Based Engineering Framework for Development of Production Printers
Schipper. D.M., A feasibility analysis of simultaneous localization and mapping with stereovision for robust 3D tracking
Wang, B., A feasibility analysis of using virtualization technology for high-performance medical image processing
Xu, M., A framework for developing object detection applications using supervised learning algorithms


Chliopanos, A., Video Hardware Prototyping: using Off-the-Shelf Programmable Hardware
Dobai, I., Scenario Engine: An inference engine solution for managing UI complexity in experience demonstrators
Golsteijn, B.J.T., AutoDJ Improvements – The Beat Goes On
Ioţa-Vătafu, I.M., MeMo - Measurement and Monitoring of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Geometry using 3D CTA and MRI
Li, X., Generic Intermediate Representation for Code Analysis
Li, Z., Video Improvement In-A-Box (VI2B)
Łopatka, P.W., Handheld control for wireless sensor networks
Meijles, J., Edutainment Sensor Platform Application Framework: Facilitating the creation of serious toys
Nair, C., A Framework for Experimenting with Model-Based Error Detection
Rahman, L.F., Ontology-Based Context-Aware Smarties
Sae-Ui, P., Feasibility Analysis of using ConTest for Embedded Systems
Xanthopoulakis, C., Integration of Philips Motiva into the Dutch and German national healthcare infrastructure
Zhang, J., Model Driven Engineering for Component-based Mechatronics Applications
Zhang, Y., Enabling Performance Exploitation and Optimization by Analysis and Characterization of a Heterogeneous Image Processing Architecture


Bakker, J., ProtoClay : a low power position aggregation network
Dang, Y., Automation and optimisation of 3D coupled thermal-electrical simulation tool chain
Do, D.T.D., Software architecture dependency tooling : managing dependencies of television products
Florean, A.L., Becoming a metric drive business : just do it
Frunza, R.G., Collaborative smarties : an ad-hoc networking architecture for next generation consumer electronics
Georgiadis, P., A hybrid simulator for video streaming hardware
Gurzhiy, T.A., Model Transformation using QVT – Feasibility Analysis by Implementation
Hoest, S. van der, The development of a software-in-the-loop simulation framework for testing real-time control software
Korshunova, E., Re-engineering code to UML models : reverse engineering tool as part of software analysis toolset
Naimat, S., Feasibility study of a generic architecture for workflow support in advanced clinical applications
Pol, J. van der, Development of M6T : a generic multi-target multi-sensor tracker
Popa, N.S., Cost Effective Large Screen Projections for Ambient Experience: Saber Projection
Rosheuvel, A.M., An architecture for the control of home automation and consumer electronic services
Verdonk, M.C.B., Sociable connected home : design and implementation of an experience demonstrator
Vrijnsen, J.H.G.M., Comprehensive visualization of cardiac MR quantitative analysis results : giving an extra dimension to quantitative analysis results
Wu, F., A MOST protocol stack on a car radio : an integrated navigation radio system
Xi, B., Quality of service (QoS) for web-based applications


Byelas, H., WeaveC: An Aspect Weaver for C
Bykov, A., Porting car navigation software: a feasibility study
Červený, M., Koala2 in Eclipse: Migration Proposal of The SDE4 Tool-chain
Dajsuren, Y., A Component Model for HVE Devices: Basic Design Principles and Architectural Concepts
Dinu, R., Analysis and Refactoring of a Design Flow for Application-Specific Networks on Chip
Geelen, T.J.H., Overlaying Using Virtual Memory in a Real-Time System
Gommans, J.M., Instant On for Connected Devices
Gopalakrishnan, N.G. and Gopalakrishnan, A., Blu-Ray Disc Standardization: Interactive Application Specification - Alternative Analysis Prototyping, and Evaluation
Maswar, F., Applying Model Driven Architecture for managing information models between Philips Medical Systems product families
Mu, S., ...
Niculescu Dinca, V., Infrastructure for Early Integration: Connecting Simulations in a Distributed Environment
Özkeles, T. and Shah, D.N., Multi-core Architecture Exploration using Second Level Cache for Communication
Rem, B., The Bootstrap Process in Document Classification Efficient Incremental Selection of Training Examples
Smahlei, A. and Wang, W., Secured Service Sharing Among CE Devices in Scalable UPnP Networks: Design and Implementation of secured UPnP AV application