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26 February 2014

Meet us at SAI Information Day 2014

The SAI Information Day 2014 takes place Tuesday, May 26, 2014. Meet our trainees, visit our location, and learn more about the ST program [more].

19 February 2014

ST Award Winner 2014 announced

The management of the Software Technology program announced that Kostadinka Ljocheva is awarded the ST Award 2014. [more].

1 February 2014

Application period for program 2014

The application period for the program 2014 has started February 1, 2014. The ST program has 22 trainee positions available. [more].

14 January 2014

Video Wall Sioux further enhanced by generation 2013.

The Video Wall of our customer Sioux, developed by generation 2012, was further enhanced by the trainees of generation 2013. [more].

17 March 2013ST trainees present Video Wall Software
The ST trainees of generation 2012 developed a special Video Wall commissioned by and in cooperation with Sioux. 4 trainees presented the Video Wall during a special Sioux event on March 17, 2013, at the Eindhoven University of Technology. [more].
4 October 2012XPO Symposium and Diploma Ceremony 2012
Thursday October 4th, the XPO and Diploma Ceremony 2012 took place . Take a look at the XPO 2012 page for the presentations and 15 graduates. [more].
1 October 2012Start ST Programme 2012
Monday October 1st, generation 2012 started the programme with an introduction week. We welcomed 17 new trainees. [more
August 2012ST moves to new location in MetaForum
August 2012 we finally moved to our new location in building MetaForum, development as part of the TU/e Campus 2020. [more]
4 April 2012Certification for five more year
We are happy to announce that the ST programme received the CCTO certification for 2012-2017. [more]
5 October 2011Firat Vural receives the 2000th TU/e - PDEng diploma
Wednesday, October 5th, during the annual Software Technology Diploma Ceremony, Firat Vural received his diploma from the rector of the university as a recognition of the fact that now more than 2000 technological designers have successfully completed their education at the TU/e. [more].
5 October 2011XPO Symposium and Diploma Ceremony 2011
Wednesday October 5th, another 16 trainees graduated. One of the graduates received the 2000th PDEng diploma awarded in Eindhoven. [more].
31 May 2011Super TU/esday SAI : 'The Innovation Degree'
The 3TU.School for Technological Design, Stan Ackermans Institute organizes a Super TU/esday on Tuesday 31 May 2011, from 12.30 hrs. till 18.00 hrs. at the TU/e. The occasion of the symposium is the twenty-fifth anniversary of the designer programs and the fifth anniversary of the institute. Relations and alumni of the designer programs are the primary guests. During the symposium there will be several presentations of successful technological designs, an exposition of appealing design projects and a lecture of an inspiring speaker from industry. [more on the program]
30 May 2011Fred van Nijnatten wins the TU/e Design Award 2011
Monday May 30th, it was announced that Software Technology graduate Fred van Nijnatten has indeed won the TU/e Design Award for the best design report in 2010 [more].
27 May 2011First Lustrum MacFAN
On May 27th the federation of the alumni of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the TU/e celebrates her first lustrum with a symposium: "Science in business, symposium on entrepreneurs and spin-offs in technology". The details of the program can be found at this webpage
19 May 2011TIXX Event at Sioux
11 May 2011BBB Job Fair at the Radboud University, Nijmegen
24 March 2011SAI Information Day
The annual information day for the technological designer programs will be started in the Auditorium of the TU/e at 13.00 hrs with a reception where the interested candidates can meet and greet with the staff of the various programs. At 13.30 hrs prof.dr. Kees van Hee (director SAI) will start the plenary part of program and introduce the guest speaker, Borre Sanders (alumnus of the design programme ICT and Head of department  Electronics and Informatics 3 at Océ-Technologies B.V.). At 14.15 hrs the local programmes will start with a visit to the program locations. For ST this is HG 5.95 and HG 6.57. The program is expected to end around 17.00 hrs with an informal drink.
18 March 2011XOOTIC 2011 Symposium - Technological Innovations for Future Healthcare Environments
The XOOTIC Board is pleased to invite you for the XOOTIC 2011 Symposium, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the XOOTIC alumni organization. The event is a whole day conference that will be held on March 18th, 2011 at the Blauwe Zaal Auditorium of Eindhoven University of Technology.
15 January 2011Alumni New Year Reception 2011
MaCFAN organizes the Alumni New Year Reception 2011. Highlight is the lecture by Maarten van der Weijden, entitled "Facing the challenge of probabilities"
6 October 2010Diploma Ceremony 2010
On WednesdayOctober 6th, the Diploma Ceremony will take place . Take a look at the XPO 2010 page for the program and the presentations.
27 April 2010TU/e perspective award
Jorge Crespo has secured a nomination for the TU/e Perspective Award, the TU/e award for the project that offers the best perspective for society for the future. He will represent the Designer programs and compete with a Master and a PhD graduate.
19 March 2010TechUnited project concluded
On March 19, 2010, the in-house project with TechUnited was concluded and the results were presented. The TechUnited developers can now simulate the behavior of their soccer-playing robots (aka TUrtles) during a game at real-time speed, see what the TUrtles see, and perfect their vision algorithms. For a popular coverage of the project, see: Cursor article (in Dutch).
26 February 2010TU/e Job Fair
On February 26, 2010, we presented ourselves at the TU/e Job Fair. On this occasion, we have shown both our new booth, and our new brochure with the descriptions of the graduation projects of 2009. Take a look at the Software Technology graduation projects 2009 brochure.
28 September 200920 New PDEng Candidates
On September 28, 2009 20 new PDEng Candidates started their two year programme.
1 October 2009Diploma Ceremony 2009
On October 1st, the Diploma Ceremony will take place . Take a look at the XPO 2009 page for the program and the presentations.
15 May 2009 Information Day for ST and USI  (more)
26 March 200920 Year Anniversary Symposium
On March 26 the 20 Year Anniversary Symposium of the OOTI program was held. Take a look at the Symposium page for the program and the presentations.
29 September 200814 New PDEng Candidates
On September 29, 2008 14 new PDEng Candidates started their two year programme.
7 February 2008Successful at MIT
Successful participation in MIT European Career Fair 2008 in Boston.
12 November 2007ViNotion Project Started
In the context of the 2007-2009 programme, 19 PDEng trainees started a design project for ViNotion, a startup at the Eindhoven University of Technology focusing on video content analysis.
1 October 200719 New PDEng Candidates
On 1 October 2007, 19 new PDEng Candidates started their two year programme.
10 September 200714 New PDEng Laureates
During the formal and festive 2007 Diploma Award Ceremonies on 10 September, 14 PDEng candidates received their diplomas after two years of hard work.
8 July 2007Restyled World-Wide Web site launched.
Recently the 3TU.Federation decided to change its on-line corporate image and as such the Look & Feel of its World-Wide Web site. Consequently, also the site of the 3TU.School for Technological Design,  Stan Ackermans Institute changed, and we modified ours to reflect their new corporate image.
20 June 2007Martijn Verdonk wins 1st place in UFE/Océ Design Prize.
During the Academic Award ceremonies on 20 June 2007, Martijn Verdonk received the 1st Prize in the context of the UFE/Océ Design Prize 2007. Martijn Verdonk received this prize for the work he did at Philips Design on the subject of "Sociable Connected Home: Design and implementation of an experience demonstrator." [More]