Trainees 2011

Martin Bom received his B.Sc. (2009) and M.Sc. degree (2011) in Computer Science at the Kaiserslautern University of Technology, Germany. His topic of specialization was Software Engineering with Economics as his minor subject.  In his B.Sc. thesis, he investigated the ecological effects of automotive software during the vehicle’s lifecycle. For his M.Sc. thesis, he focused on the integration of usability and user experience aspects during the Requirements Engineering process in order to address them systematically in the early software development stages. During the last two years of his studies, he worked as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering with a focus on Requirements Engineering.

Kostadinka Ljocheva graduated at Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, Institute of Informatics, Skopje, Macedonia in December 2007. Her final thesis was named ‘Business Intelligence Data analysis with OLAP Analytic Workspace Manager and OracleBI Discoverer10g’. After graduation, she started to work as a software developer for one small IT company where she stayed for year and a half. In the next three and a half years she continued her career working as analyst/developer for T-Mobile Macedonia. Her interests include data analyses, real-time processing, BI solutions.

Matija Lukic received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering and Information Theory in September 2011 from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. His master thesis was titled "Delay Monitoring Framework" which tackled the problem of latency-based performance analysis of the servers. He worked for a financial software vendor (Teletrader) where he developed an internal delay monitoring system which relied on his master thesis project. During his study, among other things, he spent one year a member of the executive board of the international association of technical students called BEST (Board of European Students of Technology).

Athanasios Papakostopoulos received his Diploma in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the University of Patras, Greece in 2010. During his studies he focused on Software Technology and Computer Science. His main interests include parallel programming and algorithm analysis. His diploma thesis “Study of Microsoft Robotics Development Studio tool. Algorithm implementation on Lego NXT and simulated models” demonstrates how the concept of service oriented programming can be used to implement robotic algorithms which are agnostic to the underlying hardware.

Hristina Pavlovska received her Diploma of Engineering (2008) and an MSc degree in Digital Signal Processing (2010) from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies, Skopje, Macedonia. Both her thesis were carried out on a research project with NXP Software, B.V., Eindhoven and resulted in publication. Her research interests included feature extraction and content based classification of user generated videos. After her studies she worked as an embedded developer at Seavus, Skopje gaining experience in ARM Based Architecture and Linux drivers.

Spyridon Strouzas received his Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering from the polytechnic department of University of Patras in 2010. During his studies he focused on software development and architecture. The title of his master thesis was “Location Aware Application for the Android OS” and was assigned by the mobile research lab. It involved the design and development of an application which utilized GIS capabilities and social networking elements to allow users to communicate and organize their lives. He was also part of an independent development team that produced mobile applications for iOS.

Umut Uyumaz received his B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering in May 2009 from Bilkent University, Turkey. Then he received his M.Sc. degree in Computer Science in September 2011 from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich. In his bachelor thesis, he worked on analyzing customer attention to display windows using a web cam. In his master thesis, he proposed a method on 3D modeling with symmetric sketches. His main research interests are 3D Modeling and Computer Vision.

Vincent van der Weele received both his BSc degree (2008) and MSc degree (2010) in Computer Science from the Eindhoven University of Technology. He specialized in geometric algorithms and his master’s thesis, titled “Treemaps with bounded aspect ratio” established the first tight solutions to a well-known geometrical visualization problem. As a PhD student at the Max-Planck-Institute for Computer Science, he published both a conference and a journal version on this work. Moreover, during his master’s he worked as junior consultant/analyst at web-consultancy Adversitement (Uden, The Netherlands).

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