Women in science

At the TU/e, there is a special focus on women in science. We strive to a diverse workforce at all job levels. Therefore, female talent in higher academic positions is stimulated and promoted.

The TU/e has a Women in Science Tenure Track. Through this program, three to five female scientific talents are given the opportunity each year to develop themselves to associate professor (UHD) within six years. If this process is successful, the UHD will receive tenure at the TU/e as an associate professor.

The TU/e provides support with a personal development plan, coaching, personal development and facilities to combine a scientific career with a family. For example, a nursery on the TU/e campus, and the possibility renew a (temporary) appointment with maternity or parental leave. There is the WISE network (Women in Science) as well, where female scientists share knowledge and experiences. This network supports female scientists in their personal and scientific development.