After finishing your PhD

Once you have successfully completed your dissertation, you will be awarded the title of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), which will give you an excellent opening for a scientific position at a university as well as for a job in industry.

Scientific career

After a PhD program, many scientists choose a postdoctoral period, often in another country or at another university. This period covers several years. The scientist broadens and deepens his research skills and research area. The TU/e also offers (international) postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to increase their research experience.

After a postdoctoral period TU/e encourages talented scientists to develop into assistant professors and associate professors. Very successful university associate professors can take the step to a professors' position, at the TU/e or another university.

Career in high-tech industry

PhD’s from TU/e easily find their way in the high-tech industry, the government and scientific institutions around the world. Some are even CEO’s of multinationals. A PhD program offers an excellent starting point for a career in the challenging and highly competitive Brainport region and beyond.

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