PhD program Applied Physics

Applied Physics has an extensive and integrated research program, centered on three main research areas: Functional Materials (focused on nanoscience and technology), Transport Physics (from large-scale to mesoscopic phenomena) and Plasma Physics & Radiation Technology (from room temperature to fusion and from particle beams to light sources). PhD students play a pivotal role in all research projects. You will undertake research at the forefront of science under the supervision of a full professor (promotor) and, usually, also with guidance by an associate or assistant professor. You will write scientific papers, present results at conferences, participate in teaching activities, and complete your research project with writing and presenting your PhD thesis.

In addition, there are many possibilities to develop yourself further through, e.g., following courses geared towards personal development or through additional scientific schooling.

For further information, look at the research programs of the individual research groups in the three areas:

Research groups Plasma Physics & Radiation Technology