Admission and application

There are two possibilities to enter the PhD program in Industrial and Applied Mathematics:

  1. There are projects that are fully funded by a research grant. Within such a project PhD students are hired and become TU/e employees. The projects include funding for computer equipment and conference visits. These projects are advertised globally through different mailing lists and are also announced on the TU/e job announcement pages. Application is always done through the TU/e job site. Candidates are selected by a small selection committee chaired by the principle investigator who acquired the research grant.
  2. Some countries provide scholarships to enable students to pursue a PhD study abroad. Some companies also either provide a scholarship to employees or are willing to offer an employee time off to pursue a PhD. Candidates with such "own" financing can apply first informally with any assistant, associate or full professor. The HR department will then lookinto the eligibility and formalities, which include payment of a € 10,000 tuition fee. Having a scholarship and master degree is by no means a guarantee to be accepted as PhD student.