Program structure

Depending on the specialization in which the PhD-candidate is based, different course programs are available. These programs are mostly connected to national research schools:

  • Eindhoven Polymer Laboratories: a 24EC course program (courses in Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Physics, Polymer Properties, Rheology & Polymer Processing, Polymer Innovations)
  • BETA: 30EC, as shown on
  • J.M. Burgers Center C: each PhD candidate follows approx. 20EC of courses depending on his/her own interests
  • Institute for Programming research and Algorithmics: 12EC 3 courses and a number of events:
  • Engineering Mechanics: minimum 20EC of which 12 EC in EM-courses, 2EC in professional skills and the remainder in MSc-courses appropriatefor the PhD-project

In addition, there are many PhD’s in university or at industrial partners, without any course obligations.