TU/e innovation Space is a community and facility that supports interdisciplinary Challenge-Based Learning. We aim to develop the engineers of the future, as demanded by industry and society. These engineers are T- or Π-shaped, have an entrepreneurial mindset, can collaborate in interdisciplinary teams and can think at a systems level.

The actual courses are given by staff from different departments to students across all TU/e programs. In TU/e innovation Space’s first year in Matrix (2018-2019), we were able to support more than 1600 students across 22 courses, corresponding to more than 8000 ECTS. The courses involve (a selection of students) from the basic course Engineering Design (for all second-year TU/e students), five different USE learning lines, elective courses in the bachelor and master programs offered by the departments, and interdisciplinary Bachelor’s End Projects.

As TU/e innovation Space, we have developed an educational environment that offered 43 different challenges to eight different courses last year. Because of our close connection to industry and the ecosystems around us, we were able to offer students connections and real-time exposure to industry, which helps to develop students’ employability. Besides industry, we also offered challenges with artists in order to broaden students’ perspectives and options.

In TU/e innovation Space, we support and host more than 42 emerging student teams and start-ups. These are working on themes such as biosensors, sustainable housing, intelligent lighting, the energy transition, agro-food and tech and artificial intelligence.

We offer flexible meeting and workspaces for students and lecturers to use during courses. In the large, flexible space, students can work in teams on their designs and prototypes. Presentations, exhibitions, and other educational events can also be held there. Additionally, we offer technical facilities and support hands-on work.

Besides the educational activities, many community events are hosted in TU/e innovation Space, both for and by the community.