3D Printing Facilities

  • If you want to explore what 3D printing can do for you, please contact one of the  Service Desk Assistants for professional advice and support. 
    When you have a design in STL or other common format, you can directly go to the Service Desk on the first floor in Matrix or contact the Service Desk Assistants (servicedesk.innovationspace@tue.nl) to get your design printed. 

  • Standard availability 3D-printers in Heavy Assembly:  


  • Four Ultimaker 3: PLA/ABS/rubber 

  • Three Ultimaker s5: PLA/ABS/rubber/particular 

  • Markforged ‘Mark Two’ (for increased strength, e.g. carbon fiber or graphite reinforced materials) 

  • Blackbelt: linear printer that can print features of (theoretical) infinite length. You can use this printer to print long parts, or produce in series (large quantities). 

  • We are also experimenting with 3D metal printing (e.g. stainless steel). Contact us in case you need 3D metal prints. 

We are also exploring the need for 3D printing of biomaterials (3DBP), together with the BME department. Please let m.scheffer@tue.nl or the Service Desk know if you have a need for 3DBP. 


  • Estimation average waiting time: 2/3 working days (depending on occupancy and size of print) 

  • You can fill in the digital request form at the Service Desk, until 17.30 hrs. 

  • Please contact Service Desk Assistant for custom advice about the following requests: 

  • Print jobs with complex design 

  • Print jobs with other material than PLA  

  • Print jobs with duration of more than 5 hours