Matrix 1.260

Light assembly

The Light Assembly is a space dedicated to support hands-on courses and prototyping activities in TU/e innovation Space.

➢ During course time slots, the Light Assembly is booked for students of the planned course.

➢ During course-free time slots, the Light Assembly is open to students and student teams for prototyping or for other educational purposes than a course (educational workshop or event).

➢ Before using a table, students need to pass by the Service Desk to reserve a table by borrowing a token (table number).

➢ At the entrance of the Light Assembly, you will see an overview of the occupancy of the room and the courses taking place: when the area is reserved for a course (or more courses simultaneously) it means all tables are reserved for students of the course.

You can always ask the Service Desk Assistant about possibilities to work in Light and Heavy Assembly.

Contact person: Huub van der Palen (or Edwin van den Einden).