Education in innovation Space

Innovation Space hosts courses that are Challenge-based, interdisciplinary and hands-on. The courses are offered by the different departments, but given in innovation Space. This offers the advantage of making use of the open, inspiring work environment and also the workshops and technical support.

Innovation Space can help you through the whole process from advertisement, to student registration, alignment with your departmental processes, team formation, project coaching, intermediary and final presentations as well as support with additional course evaluations.

Furthermore, our business collaboration team collects challenges from within the university and from industry and society, and translates these into challenge descriptions for specific courses, in collaboration with you.

If you want to develop your course into a Challenge Based Course innovation Space can also offer you help. Of course the teacher supporter from your own department is the first person to contact. But when implementing the Challenge Based Learning concept innovation Space offers an expert pool with people from within and outside innovation space that offer help in organising your course, offering knowledge about redesigning your course, assessments within challenge based education, how to use the available tools and systems in your course, etc. 

Last but not least, TU/e innovation Space offers voluntary workshops on challenge-relevant topics (e.g. getting to know your project team, project management, pitching) on the 9th and 10th hour, which include free food, for all TU/e students. These workshops, called innoApproach, are organized per quartile and are planned in consultation with the lecturers offering courses in TU/e innovation Space. This means, if you have a specific workshop you would like to have offered, that is interesting for all TU/e students/other courses, we can see what to do.

To sum up, TU/e innovation Space offers you:

  • A facility where you can carry out interdisciplinary hands-on education through projects
  • Access to a community of students, staff from all departments, businesses and organisations
  • A space to initiate interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with highly motivated students
  • A platform, with support for your educational innovation
  • Possibilities for visibility and valorisation of research and findings

If you as a teacher are interested to redesign your course, or organise your course at innovation Space don’t hesitate to contact us! You can send an e-mail to and we will contact you to plan a meeting to discuss your needs and wishes.