Expert pool

At TU/e innovation Space we have a lot of experience and expertise in challenge based learning, interdisciplinary education and stimulating an entrepreneurial mindset. Experts closely linked to TU/e innovation Space are often invited to, for example, join education days or think along with redesigns towards challenge based learning. We are always willing to help! On this page you can find an overview of the experts in and linked to innovation Space on Challenge Based Learning. Press the button below to get in touch with the right expert(s). Isabelle Reymen

Entrepreneurship | Educational innovation | Leading by example | Responsible lecturer Innovation Space Project course | Scientific director TU/e innovation Space | Vision and strategy regarding institutional implementation Miguel Bruns

Curriculum design | course design | integration education and research | vision and strategy regarding curricular implementation | leading by example | initiator innovation Space BEP

Lex Lemmens

Curriculum and course design | challenge based learning | Innovation in education | Technology in a global perspective

Fiona van de Geijn

Educational management | design perspective | support & advice for teachers | evaluation | innovation Space BEP Ana Valencia

Educational research | evaluation | innovation Space BEP | Assessment of Challenge based learning | constructive alignment | course design

Suzanne Jacobs

Teacher support | course redesign | E3 | evaluation of Challenge Based Learning

dr. Diana Vinke

Policy Advisor Innovation of Education | curriculum and course design | (holistic) assessment

Paola van der Sluis

Teacher support | Educational (course) design | active learning methods | educational (digital) tools | blended learning | modularization of education

Nathalie Kerstens

Course design | coordinator Innovation Space Project course | Real world challenges for education | networking | entrepreneurial mindset

Lenny Apon

Educational administrative processes | allocation processes | scheduling | timeslots | educational systems like OSIRIS | Canvas | online studyguide

prof.dr. Jan Vermunt

Learning in higher education | educational research | effect

Michael Bots

Program manager Challenge Based Learning | CBL experiments | implementation strategy | overview TU/e implementation | educational innovation strategy

dr. Kathinka Rijk

Policy Advisor Challenge Based Learning | author of TU/e educational vision | curriculum design | course design

Chantal Brans

Policy Advisor Education | Food 4 Health and Safety challenge in alliance with Utrecht and Wageningen | DAZ | InnoSpace | educational innovations overview

prof.dr. Birgit Pepin

STEM education | mathematics education | digital curriculum resources | teacher interaction with resources | teachers as designers | challenge/problem/inquiry- based learning | design based research

Lianne de Jong

Key words: Projectmanager CBL | Interdisciplinary projects between universities (EWUU alliance & EuroTeQ) | Technasium (O&O) | Professional Identity & Vision development