Expert pool

At TU/e innovation Space we have a lot of experience and expertise in Challenge-Based Learning, interdisciplinary education and stimulating an entrepreneurial mindset. Experts closely linked to TU/e innovation Space are often invited to, for example, join education days or think along with redesigns towards Challenge-Based learning. We are always willing to help! On this page you can find an overview of the experts in and linked to innovation Space on Challenge-Based Learning. Press the button below to get in touch with the right expert(s). Isabelle Reymen

Entrepreneurship | Educational innovation | Leading by example | Responsible lecturer Innovation Space Project course | Scientific director TU/e innovation Space | Vision and strategy regarding institutional implementation Miguel Bruns

Curriculum design | course design | integration education and research | vision and strategy regarding curricular implementation | leading by example | initiator innovation Space BEP

Lex Lemmens

Curriculum and course design | challenge based learning | Innovation in education | Technology in a global perspective

Fiona van de Geijn

Educational management | design perspective | support & advice for teachers | evaluation | innovation Space BEP Ana Valencia

Educational research | evaluation | innovation Space BEP | Assessment of Challenge based learning | constructive alignment | course design

dr. Diana Vinke

Policy Advisor Innovation of Education | curriculum and course design | (holistic) assessment

Nathalie Kerstens

Course design | coordinator Innovation Space Project course | Real world challenges for education | networking | entrepreneurial mindset

Lenny Apon

Educational administrative processes | allocation processes | scheduling | timeslots | educational systems like OSIRIS | Canvas | online studyguide

prof.dr. Jan Vermunt

Learning in higher education | educational research | effect

Michael Bots

Program manager Challenge Based Learning | CBL experiments | implementation strategy | overview TU/e implementation | educational innovation strategy

dr. Kathinka Rijk

Policy Advisor Challenge Based Learning | author of TU/e educational vision | curriculum design | course design

Program manager education innovation

Chantal Brans

Program manager of the curricular education innovation in innovation Space. Sharing our findings with the wider TU/e community. Also involved in the future university project and TU/e lifelong learning program.

prof.dr. Birgit Pepin

STEM education | mathematics education | digital curriculum resources | teacher interaction with resources | teachers as designers | challenge/problem/inquiry- based learning | design based research

Lianne de Jong

Key words: Projectmanager CBL | Interdisciplinary projects between universities (EWUU alliance & EuroTeQ) | Technasium (O&O) | Professional Identity & Vision development

Education Designer

Chiara Treglia

Chiara develops methods, workshops and training for teachers and teacher supporters to adapt Challenge-Based Learning in their curriculum.

Education designer

Sabine de Lat

Managing en supporting CBL (re) design projects.