Protecting ideas

You have a good idea but how can you protect it? Use our experts. The Intellectual Property (IP) Officers of The Gate make sure of compliance with legal procedures so that you don’t have to look over your shoulder. The IP Officer also monitors the process and deadlines. And if the business case leads to a license or a spin-off with a license, then he can draw up the contract.

Intellectual property

IP stands for any form of intellectual property, whether patents, copyright (software, publications) or model rights. At the moment you have an idea, always begin by filling in a questionnaire and later an Invention Disclosure Form (IDF). On the basis of this, the IP Officer will perform an initial quick scan of the protection options. Depending on the outcome of this and, insofar as is possible and necessary, he will start the application procedure for a patent (international).

Advice and help

If you want to protect your idea, then you can come to us for:

  • IP workshops
  • assistance filling in the IP sections in research contracts and subsidy applications
  • advice in disputes concerning a patent or license agreement.

Call or mail Suki Sandhu for more information.