BioTrip’s aim is to develop next-generation immuno-pharmaceutical solutions and bring them to the clinical phase and ultimately to the market. 

As our understanding of the immune system and its role in health and disease grows, it is becoming increasingly evident that many immune system-directed treatment opportunities for major diseases are being left on the table. 

To unlock immunotherapy’s full potential, BioTrip works with a team of biomedical engineers, clinicians and immunologists to develop new strategies to restore ‘immune health’ in important immune-mediated diseases. 

The BioTrip technology portfolio is based on nanomedicine concepts that were conceived by BioTrip initiator and founder Prof. Dr. Willem Mulder. Together with Prof. Dr. Mihai Netea and Prof. Dr. Roy van der Meel the BioTrip team is working to bring these advances in immunotherapy to market as quickly as possible.