nanoPHAB is the novel pure play nanophotonics foundry that provides micro- and nanofabrication services for a wide range of photonics devices, applications and customers. The ideal fabrication provider for Universities and SMEs.

As a spin-off of the Eindhoven University of Technology and supported by the advanced facilities of NanoLab@TU/e, nanoPHAB  efficiently provides the high-quality and cost-effective foundry services needed to let your ideas and products  enter the micro- and nanophotonics market. 

Their commitments are:

- To support academic and industrial realities with the design and fabrication of advanced photonics prototypes and devices

- To provide flexibility, cost-effective and efficient fabrication solutions, reducing risks and costs for research institutions and SMEs 

- To create value through innovation by developing photonics solutions together with partners and customers

- To focus on small and medium volume production level to support industries and start-ups