SMART Photonics

SMART Photonics, a fast growing enterprise located in Eindhoven, is a foundry offering production services for Indium Phosphide based photonic components. SMART Photonics is an independent pure-play foundry, founded in cooperation with the TU/e in 2012, producing photonic components for customers based on their designs. SMART Photonics produces components based on integrated photonics developed over the past 20 years at the TU/e.

Indium phosphide chips (PIC’s) work with light and will play a key role in the future lives of many people. PIC’s will enable new or improved functionalities making our world better, greener and saver.

"Optical chips are not going to replace electronic chips, both technologies will be combined in the future. PIC’s will improve current or create new functionalities", says Richard Visser, founder and CEO of SMART Photonics. "These chips can be used for communications or measurements and have shown disruptive performance improvements compared to what is available today" he explains. "And due to the accuracy of photonic lasers, for example, new scanning or treatment techniques can be developed for medical applications.

SMART Photonics is developing fast into a world class production facility. As a foundry they support their customers from the proof of concept phase up to and including full production.

Both the EU and the Dutch government have recognized the relevance of photonics as being a key enabling technology. The Dutch government is supporting this technology with a National Agenda on Photonics, supporting the development of the photonic ecosystem. TU/e and SMART Photonics are being recognized as key players in this eco-system and work closely together to further develop this PIC-technology.

For more information please visit our website or contact us at info@smartphotonics.nl.