The stent market is a multibillion-dollar landscape where technological developments over the years have led to improved stent generations, saving the lives of millions of patients. With FDA approval of the bioabsorbable stent earlier this year, another giant leap has just been made. But the ideal stent that can regenerate the diseased vasculature is still an unmet desire.

STENTiT has a unique technological platform that shapes the first-of-its-kind regenerative stent.

The regenerative stent will be the only device on the market that brings vascular regeneration to the patient, while preventing invasive surgical procedures. Made out of a fully biodegradable porous structure, our product provides minimally-invasive accessibility to treat the diseased artery and promotes natural vascular regeneration using the patient’s circulating blood cells. 

The vision of STENTiT is to become the next generation in stent technology