Symbio Therapy

Symbio Therapy offers with TagTiles and the TagTrainer an innovative therapy aid that fully supports independent training by patients. TagTiles is as direct as tactile materials and still just as interactive as computer games are.
With TagTiles a better treatment result can be achieved at lower cost. At the same time it is more convenient for both the patient and the therapist.

The A3 sized TagTiles boards enable therapy exercises in many different shapes and forms. The patient logs in, is identified by the board, and can start with one of the many exercises, as prescribed by the therapist. The patient places objects on the board and it responds. Tailored to the needs of each patient, tailored for leading-edge sensory-motor task training.

Therapists can create their own exercises easily and share them. 

The flexible physical interaction offered by TagTiles is unique in the world. For several conditions it has been proven already that TagTiles and its exercises are therapeutically effective. It has also been shown that children enjoy the exercises on TagTiles a lot and that adults prefer TagTiles above other therapy options.
There is scientific proof, provided by universities, and proof from daily practice, provided by our clinical partners.