Technology Transfer

You want to bring your idea to the market?


You want to bring your idea to the market, but you don’t know how or you don’t have the time? We can help you! Our business developers are continuously looking for ideas and chances to bring knowledge to the market. From beginning till end we think along with you about the possibilities.

Regular contact

It’s important that our business developer stay in contact with you and are involved from the beginning. Herewith, they can respond to opportunities that arise during the research and take action in an early stage. When an opportunity has been screened, you fill in the Invention Disclosure Form (IDF). Then, the business developer will screen the IDF and checks whether the knowledge is owned by the TU/e, if we can protect the knowledge and in which stadium the invention is situated.

The business case

When the screening has a positive outcome, the procedure for IP will start and a business case will be drawn up. Our business developers will discuss the outcomes with you and after that an expert panel will look whether the idea is viable. The business case can lead to a license or a spin-off company. The whole procedure can be found at Downloads: technology transfer process. Call us or send an e-mail for more information.