Are you an Entrepreneur? You can experience this in a safe environment during your studies!  “Learning by doing.” Let’s Go!

EXPLORE For the student who doesn't  yet know whether entrepreneurship is it for him or her, we organize several activities under the name INSPIRE. Think of lectures, workshops, bootcamps, contests for best ideas, study trips, a congress, living labs, internships, etc.
The Center works together with other TU/e parties such as the Honors Group, AIESEC, Integrand, Unipartners, Euflex, Studium Generale,  Industria and Kivi Niria.

EXPERIENCE For the student who has a business idea and wants to talk about that and experience what it is really like to be an entrepreneur. And for the seasoned student entrepreneur we organize activities under the name CREATE.

These are all student incubator related activities that take place in and around the flexroom. Think of special office hours with several specialists for: pitch and presentation techniques, master classes and brainstorm sessions.The Center uses the expertise of colleagues of TU/e Innovation Lab who specialize in business development, IP, accountancy, etc..

EXPAND For the student who already runs a reasonably successful business we make sure he or she comes into contact with relevant networks. Together we are an inspirational community where parties meet and crossovers take place. Under the name CONNECT monthly meetings and visits to innovative companies in the smartest region of the world are organized. We work together with the Eindhovense University Business Club (EUBC), TU/e Alumnivereniging, Brainport Development and SMEs.