Adjustments when needed

The glazing is manufactured with an extra clear insert sheet to optimize visibility to the outside. The translucency of the (neutrally colored) glazing is around 55%, which enables good daylight entry when combined with the large glass surface. A mezzanine floor means that more floor space is available and by connecting this floor with one side of the facade, the net floor area on the mezzanine floor is maximized with a daylight factor of more than 3%. A combination of internal sun blinds and internal light blinds comprised of two sheets with a transparency of 4% and 20% makes it possible to adjust the level of daylight as required.

Independently adjustable

For the high facade the sun and light blind system is split into two vertical parts that are independently adjustable so that, for example, the more light-blocking blind can be let down in the lower part while in the upper part of the window the more translucent blind can be used. This prevents dazzle in the workspaces adjacent to the facade yet allows enough daylight to penetrate deep into the room. The effect of smart use of this option is that a visually comfortable space is created and the use of artificial light minimized for most of the daytime. This building benefits greatly from this effect because of the favorable facade orientations to the east and the west. The sun blinds are equipped with an electrical motor and are automatically controlled, with the user able to make individual adjustments (depending upon the size of the room). Due to the use of internal sun blinds, the user no longer has to apply separate light-blocking measures.