Solar panels

This autumn the arsenal of solar panels on the TU/e site will be expanded by no less than four thousand square meters on the roofs of the Sports Center and Spectrum. The solar power generated by the 2,600 solar panels will be used for the energy supply in buildings.
This satisfies the requirement of the BREEAM sustainability predicate ‘Outstanding' – which will be given to the former Hoofdgebouw after its renovation – to ensure the annual generation of at least 500,000 kWh of green energy.

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES)

In order to tackle the energy supply in the built environment properly, it is important to think in systems. For instance, TU/e has one of the biggest installations for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) in Europe. Via this system, buildings are cooled in summer and heated in winter. The ATES is equipped with two central rings; a cold ring and a hot ring. Separately from each other, buildings can utilize heat and cold simultaneously and heat or cold can be exchanged on the rings. This is a unique feature of the installation at TU/e.

The new buildings that form part of the Campus 2020 projects are also heated entirely by means of the ATES, in combination with a heat pump and low-temperature heating (in these buildings no natural gas is used for heating purposes). The cooling of the buildings (high- temperature cooling) is also supplied entirely by the ATES. Supplemental to this, the decentralized rooms where use is made of individual room arrangements have been equipped with presence detection systems and window contacts that can switch off the climate installation (induction ceiling) when the window is opened.