Information about coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 1, 2020

Last verified: 2 January 2023


Two years after the announcement of the first Covid-19 measures in the Netherlands, the Dutch government announced further relaxations on 15 March 2022. All measures have been abolished. For example, the work-at-home advice is abolished, the advice to take a self-test twice a week will be abolished and a corona entrance certificate will no longer be required anywhere. That means we will be scaling back our website to a reduced level.

We are pleased with these relaxations and a return to campus as before but will stay vigilant for now. We look forward to everyone meeting physically on campus again.

TU/e roadmap COVID-19 prevention measures 

The past two years have taught us alot of lessons on how to actively prevent the spread of Covid-19. To make sure we are prepared for a new outbreak we have created a roadmap that follows the measures outlined in the sectorplan Higher Education and added our own learnings. For each of the 4 scenario's we have defined a set of preventative or intervening measures. 

The current scenario is DARK GREEN.

Info and Contact

We are a personal university and care deeply about the wellbeing of our students, staff and partners. You can reach us via Whatsapp or email. 

Corona mail archive

Two years after the announcement of the first Covid-19 measures in the Netherlands, the Dutch government announced further relaxations yesterday. Almost all measures will be abolished. For example, the work-at-home advice will be abolished, the advice to take a self-test twice a week will be abolished and a corona entrance certificate will no longer be required anywhere.   

We are pleased with these relaxations and a return to campus as before. We look forward to everyone meeting physically on campus again. Therefore, during the week of April 4, we are organizing an activity to rediscover campus with your fellow students and colleagues.