Brainport Region among world's leading tech ecosystems

December 1, 2022

After Oxford and Cambridge, Eindhoven is the highest ranked region in Europe.

According to a new report out today, Eindhoven ranks seventh when it comes to the most promising global ‘science hubs’. The report was published by, a leading provider of data on startups, technology ecosystems and investments. The report compares 201 global ecosystems. Eindhoven region scores exceptionally high in the comparison of key international growth regions, thanks to the presence of high quality science, university-educated talent and patents.'s data is being used by governments, businesses and civil society organizations to gain more insight. Today, the company is launching the report ‘The next generation of tech ecosystems’. This contains a ranking of the 201 best ecosystems in the world. The Brainport Eindhoven region ranks No. 7 on the list of 'Science Hubs.' These are regions that have a leading position in high-tech research, university talent and patents. After Oxford and Cambridge, Eindhoven is the highest ranked region in Europe.

Startup accelerators

Together with local and provinical governments, companies and other knowledge institutions in North Brabant TU/e tries to guide startups from idea to success.

Robert-Jan Smits, TU/e chairman of the board, says the excellent ranking in the report reflects the excellent cooperation of all parties in the Brainport region's ecosystem.

"We as TU/e have been focusing for many years on entrepreneurship, challenge-based learning, student teams, and startups, and we traditionally have a tremendously strong research collaboration with the high-tech industry, which all have contributed to this result. It's great that this report once again highlights the region's leadership position."

The Gate

Many of the startups responsible for Eindhoven's high position in the rankings have received a helping hand from The Gate, the platform in the Brainport region where tech startups in the first phase of their existence can go to get a flying start.

"Since we started The Gate in early 2021, hundreds of startups have already been helped further, four hundred this year alone," says Brainport Development director Paul van Nunen. ''That happens in many ways: with funding, by advising, by linking them to relevant connections in the ecosystem and so on. We have shownt that it works. We therefore have full confidence that the Brainport Eindhoven region will continue to produce the next global players."

Societal challenges

For Martijn van Gruijthuijsen, deputy of the province of North Brabant, the success of the Brainport region comes as no surprise.

"Startups often start with an idea to make the world a better place in their own way, but making that idea a reality is a big challenge. In Brabant we work together with universities, development companies and regions to guide those startups from A to Z to success, for example through Braventure. This report shows that you have to be in Brabant for success."

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