Importance of sport on the TU/e campus and devices to motivate people to exercise in the spotlight

August 3, 2021

Latest episode of the ‘Heroes Like You TV’ is now online.

Sport has very much been in the spotlight this summer with the European Championships in football and the Olympics grabbing the attention of millions around the world. Closer to home, sport is also very important for the TU/e campus. It is the theme of the latest episode of ‘Heroes Like You TV’, and you can watch it online now.

Student Sports Centre Eindhoven

Earlier this year we found ourselves subject to strict restrictions and rules, which were necessary to stem the spread of COVID-19. On the TU/e campus, this led to the closure of many facilities including the Student Sports Centre Eindhoven.

However, with the restrictions having eased over the past weeks, the sports centre is now open once to the TU/e campus.

Raymond Starke – who is part of the management team and a futsal trainer – spoke to ‘Heroes Like You TV’ about the importance of the sports centre and what we can learn from the athletes and heroes competing at the Olympics.

Motivational devices to encourage you to exercise

Many of us do some form of sport, but occasionally we can be lazy about doing it and renege on our promises. And sometimes it’s just difficult to leave the comfortable couch.

Daphne Menheere – postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Industrial Design – is on the case, and during her PhD, she co-developed some extraordinary devices in collaboration with Steven Vos, Mathias Funk, and Claire Lallemand, as well as a team of undergraduate and graduate students from the same department.

In the episode, Daphne describes some of the devices, ranging from a motivational coat hangar to an art object that visualizes your run two days afterwards. And of course, she connects one of the devices to the athletes competing at the Olympics.

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