Launch of high-tech program for a sustainable future

July 4, 2022

Developing a more sustainable agri-food system for the Netherlands

With granting a total of 20 million euros to four capacity building programs within the theme of 'High Tech for a Sustainable Future' (HTSF), the 4TU.Federation gives a solid boost to research into technologies that contribute to a sustainable future and education within these themes. In the honored HTSF programs, scientists from the four technical universities are working on personalized healthcare (RECENTRE), reducing heat in cities (HERITAGE), developing green, biodegradable sensors (Green sensors) and a future-proof food system (High-tech & data-driven agri-food systems of the future).

in December 2021, the four technical universities called on their scientists to submit proposals for joint programs within the overarching theme of ‘High Tech for a Sustainable Future’. By bundling complementary knowledge, the TUs are committed to innovation within research and education in order to achieve maximum results together. Six proposals were submitted; four of these will now receive a total of 20 million euros in funding for the five-year period.

New, more sustainable business models for agri-food

Boukje Huijben leads TU/e ITEM’s research within the HTSF program. Boukje Huijben: “We will be focusing on the development of new, more sustainable business models.” The ITEM group already has several research projects on sustainable business models, including agri-food. Findings of this research will be used in the new project. “I am looking forward to working with a very creative and ambitious team,” says Boukje. “Hopefully we will be making new connections between our groups and other partners in this project, so we can contribute to this very topical social issue.”

More information on the 4TU HTSF research