Eight years of rector Frank Baaijens = eight years of passion for talent

May 8, 2023

Special magazine in honor of the farewell of the Rector Magnificus Frank Baaijens on tue.nl/frank.

Frank Baaijens. Photo: Bart van Overbeeke
Photo: Bart van Overbeeke

For eight years, Rector Magnificus Frank Baaijens has been at the helm of education and science at our university. This Thursday, May 11, he will hand over his chain of office to new rector Silvia Lenaerts.

Under Baaijens’ leadership, TU/e has seen a substantial increase in student numbers, the establishment of three new interdisciplinary research institutes and the introduction of the innovative and award-winning educational concept Challenge-based Learning. Baaijens was co-architect of Recognition and Rewards, the new assessment system for academics and scientists in which passion and quality are leading. And he has shown himself to be a great advocate of more women in science.

Two common threads are evident in everything Baaijens has done: talent and excellence. How can we challenge, stimulate and facilitate our students and people to get the best out of themselves? So that they can follow their passion and use it for education, research, entrepreneurship and society.

Farewell ceremony

On Thursday afternoon, May 11, we bid farewell to Rector Frank Baaijens and welcome new Rector Silvia Lenaerts with an event called Frank's favorites in the Blue Hall (Blauwe Zaal) from 1:30 pm. Register via this page if you want to be there. There will also be a livestream to follow the event online.


Digital magazine Frankly Speaking

A digital magazine has been created in honor of Baaijens’ retirement as rector: Frankly Speaking. One last time, Frank Baaijens talks about his eight years as rector and gives a glimpse into his own future and that of the university which is so close to his heart.

Brigit Span
(Corporate Storyteller)

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