All the best for 2023!

January 10, 2023

Read the New Year's message of the TU/e board here.

From left to right: Robert-Jan Smits, Nicole Ummelen and Frank Baaijens
From left to right: Robert-Jan Smits, Nicole Ummelen and Frank Baaijens

With the holidays behind us, we look forward to welcoming you back to campus. We hope you were able to enjoy a well-deserved period of rest and relaxation with family and friends.

2023 will definitely be a very dynamic year. Society's demand for engineers and for top technological and scientific knowledge is high. Especially in the Brainport region, which is growing at an exceptional rate. Digitalization, sustainability and transitions in the energy and healthcare sectors require a lot of knowledge and talent. To meet this growing demand, TU/e wants to double the number of graduates and research. If our government soon provides this ambition with the requested support, we will work together with full force to shape this important development responsibly, together with colleagues, students and partners. 

Improvements in education and on campus

We continue to improve our education and our campus: the revised Bachelor College will start in September, with renewed curricula. Soon, we will open the Neuron building for education and EAISI and the Qubit building for quantum research. Two student housing towers are being built on the site of the former Pavilion building, while Gemini and the Sports Center are undergoing extensive renovations. 

In 2023, we will work with even greater commitment to a more sustainable world through our education, research and operations.

Core values to which we adhere 

Whereas the start of 2022 was still dominated by COVID, we can now fortunately meet again in person. This is hugely important for our education, our research, our collaboration and the well-being of us all. We are an international on-campus university and we cherish the small-scale character, short lines of communication and diversity. These are core values to which we adhere. 

We are proud of the great involvement

COVID is largely behind us here, but not elsewhere in the world. And other international crises continue, such as the war in Ukraine and the unrest in Iran. This affects many of us, whom we will continue to support. We are proud of your many initiatives and your commitment to help others and to contribute to much-needed changes for a more sustainable world.

Together we work on the solutions for tomorrow and beyond 

We are also proud of your great dedication and drive, of our hardworking and inspiring students, and of our staff, who provide top-notch education, research with impact and the support needed to achieve these. And we are proud of our partners and our special collaboration in the region. Together, we are working on the solutions for tomorrow and beyond and we are undoubtedly going to see many extraordinary results again this year.

A year with highlights 

And there is much more to come in 2023. We have a rectorate transfer on May 11, we celebrate 15 years of ICMS on March 30/31. There will again be a spectacular Opening of the Academic Year, on September 4, a festive MomenTUm, on September 29, and an inspiring TU/e Research Day on June 8; you can put it in your calendar already.  

We wish you a healthy start to the year and an inspiring and successful 2023!

The TU/e Executive Board

Robert-Jan Smits, Frank Baaijens, Nicole Ummelen