Final Executive Board statement on the protest in the Atlas building

December 13, 2022

The Executive Board issued a statement after earlier discussions with the protesters who are occupying the boardroom. The protesters have announced that they are ending their action.

The Atlas building. Photo: Bart van Overbeeke.

We look back on a series of positive and constructive talks with the protesters and we are happy we were able to come to a conclusion together.

In the context of the two statements issued by the Executive Board (1, 2), further clarification is hereby presented:

1. There will be a robust annual monitoring of all cooperation projects with fossil fuel companies to ensure that such projects focus solely on renewables and sustainability. This monitoring will be carried out with the help of the TU/e Sustainability Ambassador and will be published simultaneously with the TU/e Annual Report.

2. The Annual Report will furthermore provide transparency on the sources of industry income by specifying the companies involved, divided over three categories, according to their level of financial participation.

These clarifications and the related statements are a sign of the TU/e’s strong commitment to the global sustainability agenda. 

We are thankful for the peaceful character of the protest and the constructive dialogue. The protesting students had the opportunity to make themselves heard successfully from our board room for more than a week. We hope and expect we can continue a positive dialogue in the future.

TU/e Executive Board

Media contact

Ivo Jongsma
(Communications Adviser)