Temporary student housing in former Philips head office

March 16, 2023

TU/e will remain involved in the complex after completion.

The former Philips head office. Photo: Municipality of Eindhoven

The former Philips head office at Boschdijk will temporarily house 456 student homes. Students can live in the building for the next 3 to 5 years until the start of the final renovation of the building. The plan is for students to move to the building from the start of the new academic year 2023-2024.


To make the building suitable for student housing, the office floors will be converted into student rooms. Work is being done in the format of a student house where eight to 10 students live in groups, sharing sanitary facilities and the kitchen. General facilities are being considered for the lower levels. In the basement there will be facilities for waste collection and extensive bicycle storage.


The TU/e made an active contribution to the implementation of the plan. For example, the university provided advice on the design and organization of the building, drawing on the experience gained by the TU/e in student housing projects on campus and elsewhere in the city. Students were also asked what does and does not work for them in terms of housing, and this input was given to the developer. In addition, TU/e will refer house-seeking students to vacant rooms, with the goal of helping as many students as possible to find a room.

Nicole Ummelen, vice president of the TU/e Executive Board: "As a university, we are not allowed to invest in student housing ourselves, but through the student housing covenant, we do work closely with the municipality, housing corporations, and other organizations to enable developments. Our role consists of connecting parties and facilitating processes. We are proud that in this way we can contribute to the big need for student housing. After all, good and affordable housing is incredibly important to be able to study pleasantly and successfully."

Good Neighbors

The owners (Ten Brinke and BPRE), the TU/e, and the municipality are committed to ensuring that the students feel at home and that they become good neighbors to those living nearby. The neighborhood has been invited to a walk-in meeting where they can share concerns and tips, and where the parties involved and students can answer their questions. Topics of discussion include noise reduction, arranging bicycle parking and bicycle routes, and preventing litter. 

The TU/e will remain involved in the complex even after completion, for example, by contributing to a healthy living environment and good management of the building. This will be done by appointing senior students as contact individuals for each floor, who are in turn in contact with other senior students and the building manager. These short lines ensure clarity regarding housekeeping regulations and contribute to the formation of a close-knit student community. This modus operandi has proved successful for all parties at other locations and will therefore also applied here.


Alderman Mieke Verhees is pleased with the temporary expansion of student housing: "We are facing a huge housing shortage, also for students, while this group is so important for economic growth in the region. As a municipality, we are doing everything we can to utilize the available space, temporary or otherwise. As the redevelopment of the former Philips headquarters will take several years, I took the initiative to enter into talks with the owners and TU/e to explore the possibilities."

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